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I Went to The Worst Reviewed Hotel in Eastern Europe (SHOCKING!)
I Went to The Worst Reviewed Hotel in Eastern Europe (SHOCKING!)

นอกจากการหาข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้ I Went to The Worst Reviewed Hotel in Eastern Europe (SHOCKING!) สามารถติดตามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ด้านล่าง

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I Went to The Worst Reviewed Hotel in Eastern Europe (SHOCKING!).

reviews hotel.

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49 thoughts on “I Went to The Worst Reviewed Hotel in Eastern Europe (SHOCKING!) | สรุปเนื้อหาที่เกี่ยวข้องreviews hotelที่มีรายละเอียดมากที่สุด

  1. Heatblaste96 says:

    if you still believe she was trying to steal or still wondering why she entered the room 3 times you are stupid Peter, just read the comments , the answer is so simple

  2. Adriana Bjørk says:

    Chlapci nic v zlom, ale toto ste prehnali.. Predsa v kazdom hoteli ide servis do izieb, ked tam hostia niesu. A za veci, kt nedas do trezoru si zodpovedny len ty sam.

  3. Trin Prasertmake says:

    Felt bad for the lady tbh you were really rude to her and she was actually trying to keep you guys safe she has great hospitality maybe the place wasn’t that good but you dint have to act that way

  4. Stjepan Jurišić says:

    first: in balkans evryone is like family and noone will stole enthing, that is not US.
    second:you cant get better shower in bosnia at all hotels
    thirt:she was being nice to you but you were relley rude
    forth:in bosnia we let the lights because "cigani" somethimes get in house (they arent bosnians)

  5. DaggerMouth says:

    Haha " my wifi doesn't work "
    World worse hotel.
    That's born after 2000 behaviour right there !!
    🤮🤮 feral
    Shave you're beard mate your not a man you're a boy

  6. George Thr says:

    Man you did a mistake with the lady then shes not a thief tou must do an episode now and say here sorry.Now if you go to tripadvisor the critics are all 5 out of 5 so you were wrong.Also do episodes in Greece

  7. Tyler Moore says:

    What a pair of idiots you two are, leaving valuables at a hostel and still trying to cause problems after nothing was wrong. Reviewing places is based on where you're staying and the staff there etc. She was looking out for you mongs

  8. Michey Nichey says:

    the place is trashed and having cold water i not okay, but you really are stupid if you was thinking is the lady than might stealing is the people who rent the place is stealing Hello?! she left the light on because so is mre secure you r stuff is not got stealing, yeah sure she need to make sure than the door is whti the key and fix a lot of thing but she was not a bad person you guys are

  9. Choppa says:

    I understand why Peter will confront the lady why she entered his room multiple times, don't really see why people were defending the lady as though Peter is directly accusing her of something…
    If the internet reviews were indeed true, it would explain her reaction of refusing to explain any further though.

  10. Isak ́s world of fun says:

    It’s a bad hostel like most of them, and for 10 dollars a person it’s what you get – this is way better than hostels in the UK with 20 people, no keys and rats and mold in the bathrooms. She went in and said something in line with you leaving stuff and later on she would get blamed if something goes missing. Because she felt like you entrusted her with your things she kept going in to check on your things. She didn’t even go near your things to check, she just saw them and then turned on the lights so people would think you were there. The building is of a historic type so doors and locks cannot be changed to preserve authenticity so the key gets stuck (which she said). Your reservation did not go through which she also said, the only private room was rented out. The big rooms with many beds don’t typically have keys and are “open type” rooms just like in the rest of the world in hostels. The internet was down and the people from the company could not come because it was weekend. The only unacceptable thing that was the entering your room at 12.30 and the cold water in the shower. Those two things are not ok, but the rest was just your prejudices

  11. Veminem Shady says:

    People are really hating them LMAO wake up people! Those reviews exists for a reason so STFU. Who would be nice enough especially the owner to barge in to your room and looks out for your stuff? People nowadays are dumb as fck

  12. Giusy Lop says:

    "Stay away from this place…" I mean she didn't do nothing to you. She was looking to your things not to be stolen. That's a sweet gesture, that almost nobody does. Don't say that sentence …it's so bad to say … she's old also, so imagine how she felt in that moment. You didn't even read the info on the wall. Bad video. I expected you to be more mature and comprehensible.

  13. vidqi says:

    I feel bad for the woman. but she deserves that. if I saw somebody enter my hotel room without permission I would run from that hotel asap. now I think the person below me is right. when he asked the internet questions. she said that it was nonsense so she dose know about this rumour about her hostel. then she goes into there rooms to check if all of the items are stolen. but if THEY ARE STOLEN then she could not apologise to them. because the reviews say that items where stolen and it was the old lady. and as a normal person would do is to check the reviews FIRST.

  14. Ali Kayyali says:

    He can try a bit communicate with her in slávik language why for God sake people aren't easy going and tolerant, You are tourist and try be easier…. rubbish honestly…👎


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